Sunday, 1 August 2010

Millions of little Britons grew up great...

... on Heinz baked beans!

It doesn't happen often but, on the way home from work the other day, I was struck by a sudden NEED to make something centred around baked beans for dinner.

Luckily, there was a tin of Mr Heinz's finest in the cupboard but what to put with it? "Eggs" came the answer, from somewhere, so eggs it was!

I made one of my omelette/wraps that usually do sterling work at lunchtime but made it very slightly differently. Instead of beating flaxseed into the egg whites, I mixed it with one white and started that cooking in the omelette pan. Once that had set slightly, I added the other on top and swirled that around.

The result was an even thicker and fluffier creation which folded perfectly round the baked beans. Along with a HUGE amount of vegetables and some butternut squash chips (roasted with garlic; amazing) this was the tastiest and most filling dinner I could have wanted...

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