Sunday, 15 August 2010


A busy Sunday!

Having not got to bed till about 2am after my brother's leaving do (he's going to teach English in Korea for a year - wow! But I'll miss him :( ) I was awake by 9.30am and didn't stop from then on... After a HUGE bowl of porridge (that's one love that's definitely going to last!) I cycled up to the yard, rode Dave, saw my mum, came home, ate lunch, cleared out my cupboards, made cookies, drove my friend back to the yard to see her horse, gave Dave his dinner... hold on - cookies should never be mentioned in such a throwaway, cavalier fashion!

So here they are...

I'd been wanting, or thinking vaguely about, making nut butter cookies for ages but hadn't got round to it because it seemed almost a waste of the deliciousness that is almond butter! But when I ordered my last lot, (you can't really buy it in shops here) I thought I'd try some other flavours.

The cashew was nice, but not as nice as almond, and I wasn't convinced at all by the brazil nut butter, which is weird as I LOVE brazil nuts! I'd seen a recipe for nut butter cookies using oats (can't remember where - sorry) and made cookies using maple syrup instead of sugar so..... here's the result!

Preheat oven to 180c

100g nut butter (I used 20g cashew, 40 brazil and 40 almond)
4 tbsp maple syrup (love this!)
4 tbsp oats
1 egg white

Mix together, dollop on a baking sheet, cook for 15-ish minutes... and tuck in! I love the flavour maple syrup gives and the oats make them nice and chewy (might add a few more oats next time). 

Ps - as far as porridge goes, every day this week, I've been eating it using Katie's melted banana trick. I've got to say, this wins my "official best porridge ever award" and makes the house smell delicious too - amazing! Thanks Katie...


  1. I love simple cookie recipes!! Especially ones that turn out so delicious looking :) Made with four of my favorite ingredients ever, too! :D

  2. Thank you! My unbiased opinion is that they tasted delicious too... although I'm with you on the favourite ingredients if that includes almond butter, maple syrup and oats! Mmm