Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Variation on a theme(s)

I'm writing this from work, which is a first! Probably technically not allowed but I'm editing this week and I've sent all four editions of the paper and have nothing to do until the sub-editors start putting the stories on the pages... which means a looong evening tonight and a very early morning tomorrow, as print deadline is 9.45am : (

But at least waiting gives me the chance to share a variation on one of my favourite themes; breakfast! When I remember that I used to eat the same cereal every single day...

Saturday's breakfast cookie was delicious; the baking is definitely the way forward in my opinion, so I started thinking of ways to make it even better...

Random memories of my banana omelette/pancake were floating through my brain, accompanied by my love for Chocolate Covered Katie's melted banana trick, my current porridge obsession favourite. I really mash the banana before I microwave it and it's heaven.

So I put the two together and....

Melting the banana separately and adding it, mixed with the almond butter, afterwards improves the flavour so much! It would probably work in the oven just as well, the same as the baked version, but I tried it on the stove and the texture was good so this one is the way forward for me! It also means you don't have to add the baking powder, etc and simple recipes are always good.


40g oats
1 egg white
About 50ml water/milk

Let stand for a few minutes (this was unintentional as the phone rang! But with hindsight, I'll do it again as the time probably helped the oats absorb the liquid.)

Heat a pan coated with oil or cooking spray on a low/medium heat until warm, then pour in the mixture. Flatten as best as you can because this helps the top cook more easily when you flip it.

The cookie should set relatively quickly, allowing you to lift and check how brown it is (mine took a few minutes) then flip and repeat.

An in-progress picture, included only to show off my hot-pan-holder which I love! :)

I then melted my mashed banana in the microwave, mixed it with a couple of spoonsful of almond butter and spread it on the top... wow. I promise anyone who makes this will not be disappointed and the potential for variations is huge; mix dried fruit, nuts, carrot (For a carrot cake breakfast cookie?! Hmmm...) or whatever takes your fancy.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow morning already; at least breakfast will be good even if work isn't!  


  1. Hi Eleanor,
    Thank you so much for your lovely comment on the ebook giveaway! I use a random number generator to choose winners (it's the only fair way, I think), but if I were picking my own personal favorites, yours would be there for sure :) And yay for banana-in-oatmeal trick--one of my fave brekkies, too! :)

  2. Thank you! That's a pleasure and I agree, it's the only way to do it as you couldn't possibly decide otherwise!
    I think I'm going to buy the ebook anyway though... :)