Friday, 20 August 2010

An ode to Eat Natural

I'm going to Spain on Friday!

My friend's parents have got a house near Puerto Banus so I'm spending five days by their pool, chilling out in a big way! I haven't had a summer holiday for years and the thing I'm looking forward to almost more than anything is being warm... it's been a miserable August in England so far and, as much as I love Dave, it'll be a nice change not to have to go up to the yard twice every day...

The only problem I can see is that it's sometimes hard enough to make English-speaking restaurant staff understand what I can't eat and why so I'm thinking Spanish waiters might pose more of a problem.

With that in mind, I've overdosed on buying Eat Natural and other bars to take with me.

I've been eating the yoghurt-coated apricot and almond version every now and then since I was diagnosed coeliac and they're heaven but, for some reason, hadn't bought them for ages.
I had a look on the website and realised there are loads more flavours I hadn't tried - so I bought almost all of them! Sadly, this means I'm going to have to carry out some serious research into which I like most, just so I know which to take...

Should I try the chocolate/peanut/cranberry/pistachio?

Or the yoghurt-coated cherry/almond? Decisions, decisions!

In the end, I opted for the dark chocolate/Brazil nut/apricot/cranberry.

All I can say is - good choice! The 70% dark chocolate complements the chewy apricot and tangy cranberry perfectly and you can never go wrong with Brazil nuts in my opinion. A party in my mouth, as they say. The combination of chewiness and crunchiness is perfect and, with all that lovely protein, fibre and healthy fat, these are definitely the way to go.

Next on the list to try is the yoghurt/cranberry/apricot. Mmmm...

But there has to be a cute picture to finish; check out the baby almond/apricot/yoghurt ones - how could you resist : )

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