Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Take it as bread

Anyone with coeliac disease, or who can't eat wheat/gluten will know that it's almost impossible to get good bread.
I don't generally like things which are recreated to mimic gluten-containing products because there are so many ingredients you can use instead as they are which taste better than "substitutes".
But bread's a different story. Because it's the gluten that gives it its elasticity, any made without tends to crumble as soon as you look at it or resembles dense doughy sponge. Yuk.
So I gave up on bread and experimented instead with my own alternatives.
And when Alex, of Spoonful of Sugar Free posted this appeal for help for a friend with a restricted diet, it reminded me of these; gluten-free tortilla (type things!)

85g flour, combination of rice and buckwheat
40g potato starch/flour
1.5 tsp tapioca flour
1/2 tsp salt
125ml warm water
(These are fiddly quantities but it works, although I'm sure other flours would work too, I've been meaning to try coconut, as long as the wet/dry ratio stays the same)

Mix everything together and divide batter into eight lumps. Roll/flatten them out as thinly as you can (the dough is REALLY sticky so this is hard - I put it on a floured board with floured cling film on top and banged them with the bottom of a saucepan... then squashed them thinner by hand to about the size of saucers - very technical!)

Then just saute them in a dry pan - no oil needed - for a minute or two on each side. Their texture isn't like bread, more like a chewy/slightly crisp pitta. I freeze them, then take them to work and eat as sandwiches with my favourite spread (equal amounts almond butter and milk with a bit of honey) and a sliced banana - delicious and it fills me up all afternoon!

My current favourite though is this pancake/omelettewrap/whatever:

1 egg
1 tbsp flax seed.

Beat together and saute in a hot pan coated with cooking spray for a minute or two each side and voila!
Much healthier than bread and it makes as delicious and filling a sandwich as the tortillas. Mmmmm...

Tomorrow's lunch, minus the almond butter. It isn't safe even to get the jar out at this time of night...!

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