Sunday, 25 July 2010

Sunday, sundae...

Back in my very, very unhealthy days, I occasionally had just milk chocolate for breakfast. The worst thing is that that morning Cadbury's fix was often probably the healthiest part of that day's diet! 

And although those days are no more, it's definite that I'm not a stranger to the pudding-for-breakfast idea. So whe Katie introduced her Breakfast Sundae challenge, it seemed rude not to join in...

This bowl of deliciousness comprised:

About 30g oats, soaked in water overnight

A serving of butternut squash baked custard (adapted slightly from Heather's genius recipe)

Sliced banana

About 1tbsp toasted oats

Almond butter sauce (1tbsp almond butter, mixed with 1tbsp milk and a drizzle of honey)

The picture does it no credit; it was almost too beautiful to eat (but not quite).

But I don't think I've completely captures the Breakfast Sundae challenge. I've eaten plenty of ice cream over the years but never had what would "officially" be called a sundae... but I think a proper one needs layers, it needs nuts, it needs - CHOCOLATE!

Sundae Mark II to follow...


  1. I love sundaes!! Of all cream or not. :) I need to make a breakfast sundae soon, it's been way too long. Geez yours sounds delicious- butternut squash custard, almond butter sauce (with honey- yes!), toasted oats...mmmm :)

  2. Mmmm...That looks nummy! It would be really good with some cacao nibs!

    And thanks for the recipe by the way, I'm sure my friend will love it!

  3. Thank you, it was amazing; I could have eaten it twice :)
    I hardly have almond butter as it is any more, just mix it like that... so good!
    It's a shame I'm back at work this week or I'd have been making more sundaes - but I did find time to make your quinoa cookies yesterday and they're brilliant (not many left though...!)

  4. And thank you for the cacao nibs tip too; I haven't tried them but hearing lots of good things!
    That's a pleasure I hope she likes them and I'll send any more I come across